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Ven Scott

Having been born into a theater family, Ven Scott had little choice but to perform and entertain. Not in a “forced-into-the-carnival” way… in a “in-the-blood” sort of way.

At the ripe old age of twelve he was cast as Sean Rains a.k.a. Red Boy 13 in the feature film “Red Boy 13”.  His love affair with theater and music began here.  In the following years he would pick up extra work in films like “Dazed and Confused” while just as confused-ly (it is a word, damn it!) pick up roles with the Kids Acting Studio in Austin, Texas. He graduated into supporting and lead theatrical roles, many Shakespearean, and this would continue for many years. Favorited roles of his include Mike in “A Lie of the Mind”, Trinculo in “The Tempest” and Eric in “Tales of the Lost Formicans”.

As any young actor should progress, his desires turned towards directing. Upon graduation, however, life was allowed to interrupt Ven’s desires. Though he continued to perform, his focus on film direction waned. For twelve years he performed with his award winning heavy metal band, Dead Earth Politics, in lieu of acting or directing of any kind.  It wasn’t until he co-produced the music video for Dead Earth Politics’ “Runescarred” that Ven caught the bug again. In 2016 he went on to produce the short film “Shilo” with Tyler Russell directing. This was enough to get everything in his black little heart churning again.

The following months would see coaching, writing and networking peak for Ven.  After moving to Llano, Texas, he was struck with a masochistic desire to piece together a film. “Date From Hell” was born. Considering this his directorial debut, damn near twenty years later than schedule, Ven is poised for greatness. In his living room. With his dogs.